My thought on Kendall trade

“The A’s are done for the season.”

Our new manager, Bob Garen, is the man to blame? No, it’s not his fault. Until recently, a lot of Yankees fans and Formosa-villagers ( XD) were crying out loud on their big disable list, saying how unlucky they were. Shoot, wanna talk about bad-luck? At that same time, the A’s hold the most star-crowded DL in baseball, that list is so good that its talents can easily kick the 25-men active roster team’s butt.

Pitching stuff leads by Rich Harden, Esteban Loaiza, Huston Street and Justin Duchscherer. Milton Bradley, Mark Kotsay, Bobby Kielty and Mike Piazza fill the lineup. I bet you won’t see this kind of DL for a fucking long time. It may become one of the best DL-teams of all time, if not rated No.1.

You really can’t do much as a manager if the whole team is sucking into this kind of disaster.

But how about being a general manager?

Mr. Billy Beane has done a lot to get the ship moving forward. But GM is no miracle maker, when everything is pretty much against you, it’s time to realize the fact.

“The ship is sinking”-kind-of-fact XD

Beane got us Alan Embree in the off-season, who really saved our asses when we lost two of our primary guys in the pen. And he got us Jack “the man” Cust, who was basically the lone producer on our thin lineup. But we need more than the miracle to get us back on track.

When half of the pitching stuffs are in the DL and half of the hitters can’t swing. It’s time to think about surrender. And while the A’s used to be playing damn well in the second half, when we made that 9 straight-losses just after the All-Star break, a generous GM like Beane should know it’s time to call it the season and put his eyes on next year.

I’m still amazed that when our pitching is hurting and hitting is sleeping, we still managed to kept our spot on the wild-card race, and hold better records than that fucking Yanks before the All-Star break. But it’s all gone now, we’re struggling and they’re winning.

Kendall’s trade provides a must-needed chance for our prime-time prospect Kurt Suzuki, and it tells us that even Beane makes bad trades. As the member of the Green and Gold, Kendall just didn’t perform. So, I’ve happy to see him go, wish him luck, hopes he regains his hitting ability as a Cub.

Then, what about the reminder of the season? Well, I’ll keep my finger-crossed and prey for the departure of Dan Johnson (Yanks can really use him!). Time for Daric Barton to show us what he’s got.

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  1. Well, it’s not good to see our white elephant lost 9-straight, and see the Yanks keep winning. Neither one greets me.

    However, I’m still preying to the mighty baseball god(?) that our A’s may start to win with a miracle after another miracle. It should not come true, but I’ll keep preying for it.

    Oakland A’s We Stand!

  2. I don’t know what you guys think but besides Dan Johnson, I think Mark Kotsay and Bobby Crosby have been a huge black whole on the line up with their poor hitting skills…………..and then when Piazza comes back this week, how do we have so many players waiting to fill in out field+1B+DH?

  3. A’s打擊一直都不算出色….




  4. 去年的重傷害就是一個大大的便宜阿XU



  5. >>A’s打擊一直都不算出色….






    05、06兩年請感謝Jason Kendall的大力貢獻,換成Kurt Suzuki是打擊升級不是沒有道理的….

  6. 現在已經在談Blanton的交易了, 他是綠帽舉白旗後現在必須要被交易走的球員(而不是Kennedy, 這個會不會被交易走倒是小事)!

    先前說過, Blanton一直有被擊出太多安打的問題. 以現在才剛要進入第一個薪資仲裁年度來講, 我想應該不會有比現在價值更高的時候了, 照逢高賣出的信條來講, Beane一定要在現在把他給交易掉.

    據說可以跟Dodgers要三隻大物, gogo!


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