Phil 『HOFer』 Hughes

From 【Pinstripe Potentials】。

Prospect Profile: Phil Hughes (#1)

“He is capable of reaching back and throwing a located fastball at 97 if the situation commands it. He locates his fastball with the best of them. Think Curt Schilling as a comparison for the fastball.”

“Nardi Contreras told him to shelf his slider and use a curveball instead. What did Phil Hughes do? He almost immediately began to throw one of the best if not the best curveball in the minor leagues. It is a deadly strikeout weapon that lands on it’s spot every time, with a solid 1-7 break.”

“Lots of pitchers have a 65 fastball, 70 curveball, and 60 changeup. Phil Hughes compliment them with 70 control.”

“He can put his fastball and curveball wherever he wants, in any count, without fail.”

“If a ball bounces in the dirt, he meant to do it.”

Ceiling: None. None at all. Hughes has the ability to be a once in a lifetime pitcher. He has the ability to be the best pitcher in the major leagues”

“You can compare him to any rookie phenom that has come up and dominated in recent years.”

“Hughes made AA hiters look like they should go back to little league.”

“Comparison: A healthy Mark Prior.”

“They both had 95 mph fastballs. They both located their fastballs with Mussina-like precision. They both had filthy curveballs. They both throw a similar changeup. Prior posted a 2.43 ERA in 211 innings in 2003 at age 22. Hughes is capable of the same.”

“I have never seen a pitcher without a weakness in the minor leagues before I saw Phil Hughes.”

“Tyler Clippard has his control. Ian Kennedy has his brain. Joba Chamberlain has his power. Christian Garcia has his curveball. Jeff Marquez has his changeup. Phil Hughes has it all.”

“And he is a future Hall of Famer.”

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