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Gamespot上讀史上最爛遊戲Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing的玩家評語,裡頭有一些超棒的啦XD


It blew me away! It made Half Life 2 and Doom 3 looked like a pile of poo. The lighting is amazing (trust me there IS lighting) and it uses a revolutionary new graphics engine that mixes a advance normal map bumping with superb polishing to look smooth and clear and also the physics are superb! You can literally go through a ghost town and whenever your truck touches a object your truck will automaticly use a safety..thing which will make your car go through the object with ease. (blahblah….)

The same techno song over and over again should win a award for best song ever! What genius ever thought of such a huge success?! I can imagine a soundtrack comming out in stores near you! As for the sound effects are also superb! The enviroments are nice and extremely silent and your truck is as silent as….it can be! Now you dont have to worry about having to hear your car ever make a sound again! And heck you can purchase Big Rigs soundtrack now and listen while your on the car! With the same award winning techno music over and over again your never going to get sick of it!

5 enormous tracks! I have unlocked everything the game had to offer when I opened the box! Seriously! The game features 4 tracks and another track comming soon. It might as well be comming on the next patch because it doesnt seem to work right now. Such great intensity with a 1 mile A.I (IF you download the patch) and…its just superb! I have one hint though! Drive backwards! It will make you faster than you were forward! (And if thats not realism than I dont know what is!)


You can drive through anything in the game, including your opponent. This effectively gets rid of the frustration of crashing into stuff like in other games. It’s also the only game on the market that lets you drive past the speed of light… in reverse! As for the competition, there is none! How fun is it to win a race every single time?! And when you win a race, you receive an immensely satisfying trophy with the phrase “YOU’RE WINNER!” under it.

Big Rigs has a total of 4 awesome looking trucks to choose from, but 2 of them don’t have trailers, giving you total control over what you race. There are 5 levels to choose from, but one doesn’t work (it looked boring anyway). These levels are HUGE, letting you drive right off the world and into the grey void for countless miles. Big Rigs’ price is also incredible, you can get it for only about $5.00! Of course finding a copy can be difficult since stores run out of it so quickly.


2 words, **** No, BIYATCH-IN! Believe it! Nothing drives me NUTS more than playing a racing game and losing. Not here! Self-esteem heaven with this game because you win always. Not to mention, you’re invincible and you can fly! Who needs drugs or PCP when you can shoot this gem into your gaming vein and feel like you’re a deity!

No multiplayer support BUT if you were dating Pamela Anderson, would YOU want to share her with your buddies? I didn’t think so….



Absolutely AMAZING!!! Best graphics I’ve ever seen! The head lights go off thecars? PURE GENIUS!!! The truck’s colors get all glitched and messed up? Better than the Mona Lisa!


The fact that you can go up straight mountains with a truck, go through bridges, houses, etc., and go off the map? It blows my heart away in this phenomenal game!!! What is reall good is that the AI cars don’t even dp anything! The fact that you always win makes you feal like a WINNER!!!


No sound effects so it emphasizes on the repetative techno music all the time! You can dance the whole night away just to the amazing music! Screw sound effects!

Big Rigs: Off Road Racing… YOU’RE A WINNER!!!
Simply put, this is the greatest game of all time!!!


Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is one of those delicious kernals. Not only does this game take big fat trucker racing the a whole new level, but it does so in such a way, that YOU’RE WINNER every time!

The AI is perfect, it was made especially for the best of the best gamers, who could not be bothered by pathetic competition in a race. The AI already knows you’re going to kick its ass, so the driver doesn’t even try…or commits suciside in the cab, (im not sure, but both are alright).

When you buy big rigs, this game is so WINNER you will be unable to bring yourself to play any other game….ever. So the length is forever, even in the afterlife you will be addicted to the WINNERNESS of Big Rigs

This game kicks so much ass, mothers kick their babies over fences. Dogs crap everywhere, and clowns strangle children…And thats just what happens in the first 30 seconds of play.

Buy this game…in fact, buy 2, you may just need that extra copy when you put your fist through your computer because of the awesomeness of it.


you can drive through everything… drive over the mountains and explore the snowy outcast, the map really is unlimited.
if you are in the need for speed you can reverse as fast as you want which is really useful incase the opponent driver didn’t die when you poisoned him.
Instead of adding sounds it has a built in choice to play music with any music program that way having no limit of the sounds it can have.

The difficulty level is extreme the big rig turns slowly to make it even harder. and if you forget to poison the other driver (the game is so great hat it does that automaticly) you are guaranteed to lose cause he’s so extemly good.



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