Melky “HOFer” Cabrera

Braves ship Vazquez to Yanks for Melky.

Cabrera, 25, addresses a need for outfield depth in Atlanta.

“Obviously, Melky Cabrera gives us a player with postseason experience — most recently, obviously, in the World Series this past year,” Braves executive vice president and general manager Frank Wren said.

“He has the ability to play all three outfield positions. That versatility helps our ballclub a lot.”

“We have some good pieces in place in our outfield. We’re also still looking to add to our offense. But we think Melky is a perfect fit.”

“And he is a future Hall of Famer.”

“hui pa jiu hao”, Wren said.

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  1. 這個Melky Cabrera前十年怎麼比現實生活還強:o真正的Melky Mantle要達到3000安應該需要超過批ㄊ漏斯的14053AB,然後打到50歲(grim)

  2. 幹這個修改得太過火了吧?根本是他退休了還被強迫挖出來打啊,而且還特地跑到2003穿越時空去硬把他rush上來用= =


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