There’s something about Macha



Eric Chavez說︰「Every time he spoke to us, he’d say how much he appreciated the effort, but then you’d read things where he was always smashing people. … This negative cloud was just eating at everybody.」


Barry Zito說︰「We felt like we were on the front lines, and he might have been with us, but he didn’t have the same conviction or faith. I think it was a fear of failure. He was a little more focused on the pessimistic stuff than on success.」


Macha said it was “puzzling” that Kotsay couldn’t play in a road game against Tampa Bay when the team had been off the day before. Two days earlier, Kotsay had described himself as having to use duct-tape simply to drag himself onto the field.
Mark Kotsay說︰「When I got injured, I felt disrespected」


Jason Kendall說︰「If there’s a bang-bang play at first, even if you’re out, if you’re arguing, you want someone there behind you. If you argue a pitch, even if you’re wrong, you want someone joining in. And I’m not sure Macha did that.」


Zito was among those who felt as if Macha had not done enough to back him sometimes, especially in his final start against Anaheim in 2004, when he left after seven innings and 115 pitches. The A’s lost the lead after Zito departed, and Macha told reporters afterward that Zito had taken himself out of the game.


Danny Haren說︰「There were issues with the bullpen, guys being possibly overused, a lot of different issues.」


“Deep down inside, I think he cared about the players, he just didn’t have a good way of communicating,” Chavez said. “He was always asking me about guys, he wanted to know if they were OK, but I was always the one he talked to in his office and I was probably the one who least needed to be in there.”



PS︰接任人選上,我覺得Orel Herhsiser應該是不錯的選擇,Ron Washington也不錯。

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  1. 球員都公開這樣講話了,應該是不可能再簽馬恰爺回鍋了吧?(未公佈新教練前我還是怕怕的…)


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